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Hi sweet dreamers. Thank you for dropping by on my little town. Feel delightful to read about me. Read my story back here :)

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003 : Segmen Jom Tambah Follower Blog 2016


 Segmen Jom Tambah Follower Blog 2016

      Hi ~ Well, I don't mean to be secretive but I just don't want to state my real name in this blog because of a certain reasons hehe. You can call me whatever name you want as long as it is nice and have a good meaning. I'm going to turn 18 this year and just finished my SPM last year. This blog has been created since 2011 *dah nak masuk 5 tahun lebih* hehe. But I rarely open this blog but since I have nothing to do this holiday, I've decided to re-open this blog for readers and I'm started to blogging again whee~

 ---- dulu selalu je update tp since blog ni di privatekan dah semakin kurang readers ----

I just don't expect much this 2016, I just hope that many people will come by to my blog and read whatever I post in here and enjoy reading my story. Well basically I only posted 3 entry (including this one) (I have deleted all of my entry before this) in this blog but I will make a time to keep updating my story here. I hope I can gain more followers and readers (insyaallah) hehe. That's all. Bye :)