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Hi sweet dreamers. Thank you for dropping by on my little town. Feel delightful to read about me. Read my story back here :)

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001 : Blog Re-Open ✿

∞ Assalamualaikum ∞

     It's been such a long time since I last updated my blog . Now, I decided to re-open this old blog for viewers *eventhough no one will read* that have been kept as private for many years. This blog was created on June/July 2011 when I was still a form one student. Yeahh, as we all know student life is very busy so I didn't have a chance to upadate my blog from time to time, then I have to closed this blog and kept it as private.

Since I've got nothing to do this holiday, I have been thinking to re-open this blog again and try to update it with an interesting story. Well, I did not put a header in my blog bcos I find it not so necessary *chuckles*, I do not even put any chatbox in this blog because idk, the old chatbox doesn't seem to work anymore I guess. So if you want to leave your footprints when you're blogwalking, feel free to drop any comments on my post hehe. 

Fyi, I have changed my url blog to the new one because the old link is so old and embarassing hahaha. . I also deleted all of my old posts. Well, back then when I was still using this blog, I always post freebies such as header that I made it myself but nahh I don't want to do it any longer haha. So I will only post about my story here  ̄▽ ̄ Just consider this as a comeback as I have been gone for a long time hahaha. Well actually I am 18 to be and I've just finished my SPM on November 2015. Pls pray for me, I hope I can get an excellent result in my SPM aamiin.

I'm not a Cinderella apatah lagi princess, I'm just a simple little girl with my own story and struggling to live my life. 'Thecinderelladreamland' is a place where I can share my stories and my thoughts so feel free to follow me as I'm started to blogging again hahaha.